easyJet finds success with Google mobile advertising

Friday, 18 June 2010 | 14:18

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Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular and essential in today’s fast-moving society. easyJet is one of the first airlines to capitalise on the rapid growth in mobile traffic in 2010, as demonstrated in the case study attached. The low cost carrier set up a mobile account this February, yielding strong results. The CTRs for their non-branded Adwords terms were six times higher for their mobile campaign than their desktop campaign, with a return on investment of 11:1, i.e. £11 return for every £1 spent. Interestingly, 38% of bookings on mobile were for flights that departed within 10 days versus 13% for desktop. easyJet’s marketing manager, Katie Stitson, comments that “the airline experienced “100s of bookings a month from mobile devices.”

With a website adapted specifically for use on the mobile, easyJet is likely to experience even greater returns. Katie says that “the campaign has confirmed that there is a strong demand for mobile internet – and it’s increasing at a substantial rate. The results will definitely have an impact on the future of the brand’s online development. After the success of Google mobile ads, we now plan to develop a mobile version of our new easyJet.com website.”

For further details please find the case study at this link.

Posted by Jo Webber, Account Strategist