On The Beach Improves Their Attribution Modeling and Increases ROI by 25%

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 | 14:38

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Attribution modeling is the process of distributing credit between different marketing channels that a consumer interacts with, prior to completing a purchase. As online reporting becomes increasingly sophisticated, attribution modeling helps advertisers to understand the purchase journey of their users and find the most effective ways of targeting new customer segments.

Online travel specialist On the Beach used Multi Channel Funnels and the Attribution Modeling Tool in Google Analytics to understand which marketing campaigns were driving their sales. They analysed all of their online marketing channels and search campaigns to uncover their true performance. On the Beach compared different attribution models to assess the relative contribution of each of their campaigns to their online sales. They found that generic (non-brand) campaigns for travel destinations and holiday terms were driving more sales than were being reported via traditional “last click” methods.

By understanding the true value driven by their generics campaigns, On the Beach were able to reach more potential customers when they searched with generic keywords, by increasing their investment. As a result, they have seen significant growth in sales and revenue, with a 25% increase in return on investment. The full On the Beach case study can be found here.

These findings were also supported in a recent case study with lastminute.com, where they found that generics were driving 43% more sales than were reported through their online analytics. The lastminute.com case study can be found here.

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Posted by Paola Lopez, Industry Manager, UK and Edwina Keyes, Account Manager, Dublin.