Google Analytics Becomes Enterprise Ready

Friday, 30 September 2011 | 11:33

The travel industry have long been known as digitally advanced, as consumers embraced online planning, research, and shopping from an early stage. Many Internet users’ first transaction online was booking a flight or hotel room. As travel planning now occurs across myriad devices and social interactions online, understanding how users find and engage with your site is essential to optimising both customer experience and marketing investment.

It’s a challenge which the Google Analytics team have been addressing through Multi-Channel Funnels - a set of reports enabling site owners and analysts to see how multiple marketing channels and online touchpoints contribute to bookings. The travel industry have embraced these reports - uncovering insights about path length, time to convert and channel contribution - even prompting them to re-evaluate long-held attribution assumptions.

Though many of our partners across travel base marketing and design decisions on insights drawn from Google Analytics, they've asked for ongoing additions to the product, to enable fuller adoption within their companies. We’re happy to share that today we’re launching Google Analytics Premium - everything customers currently enjoy about Google Analytics, with the addition of guarantees, support and extra processing power.

We’ve worked closely with a select group of partners through the development phase, and Travelocity was one of our first customers to benefit from access to the premium team. Learn more about how Travelocity and other partners are using Google Analytics Premium today by visiting

Google Analytics Premium is available for a fixed annual cost in the United States, Canada, and the UK directly from Google, or through Google Analytics Premium Authorized Resellers. To learn more about Premium, you can contact the Google team or find our authorized resellers here.

Travel has embraced the mantra that decisions made using data trump those based on opinion. We’re confident that Google Analytics Premium will encourage more data-driven decisions throughout the industry, ultimately resulting in a better experience for travelers and marketers alike.

Nicolas Tully - Industry Analyst, Travel, United States