Seasonal Query Trends

Friday, 13 August 2010 | 18:03

In previous blog posts, we’ve looked at how queries related to overall Travel or particular Travel products vary over time, or in the build up to key events.

Our latest piece of analysis takes a look at the types of holiday queries that Google users search for, and how these vary throughout the year.

Key Findings:
• There are twice as many Cheap or Budget queries in summer as there are in the winter
• We get 3 - 4 times more Late or Last minute queries in the summer compared with the winter.
• The proportion of both Cheap or Budget and Late or Last minute peaks in summer months and declines in winter, accounting for around 15% and 5% of total queries, respectively.
• The opposite is true for Destination and Generic queries, where the proportion of queries increases in the winter and declines in the summer.
• In terms of volume, Destination and Generic queries account for over double those of other types in the winter. However, in the summer Cheap or Budget queries account for nearly the same volume as destination queries.
Examples of the different types queries used in this analysis include:
Generic: Holidays, holidays 2010,
Destination: Holidays in Spain, Dubai Holidays
Cheap/Budget: Cheap Holidays, Low cost holidays, Budget Breaks
Cheap & Destination: Cheap holiday in Cyprus, All Inclusive holidays Turkey
Late/Last Minute: Late deal holidays, last minute holidays abroad, late availability deals.

Posted by Rashad Sharif, Industry Analyst.