Tuesday, 1 June 2010 | 13:29

Hi from the UK Google Travel Team!

Via this blog we hope to be able to share online insights and developments in search advertising with all interested parties, but with particular reference to our current advertisers, their agencies and affiliates. Please feel free to become a follower of the blog and receive email updates (click the 'follow' button in the right hand column).

We will update the blog with in-depth analysis on seasonality and market dynamics - for example, please read our latest post on the World Cup (see below). We hope to cover areas such as query patterns, product advice, weekly aggregated metrics for travel activity on Google, and research papers. We will also post details of upcoming Google events, as well as videos of the events.

While we will regularly listen your feedback as we develop the blog, this is not a forum in which we will be able to answer questions or queries regarding specific accounts. If you have any account queries, please contact your Google Customer Representative.

We hope that you find the content compelling and useful and we welcome your feedback.